How to order Websites

How to Order a website from Brace Media:

Step 1: Choose a template

Visit the Website page and choose a template

Step 2: Contact our partners, Brace Media

Get in touch with their team here:

Be sure to tell them that you came from Quantum Print so that you can get a 10% discount!

Step 3: Discuss the project

Brace Media will confirm details with you about your website, to get a grasp of the site you want and to confirm which package and payment option you want.

Once all agreed, they will open an online project that you can access also, to drop your logo, text, documents, images and more into, to be populated into your new website!

Step 4: How to Pay

Once they have your details, Brace Media will send you an invoice when due, with options for you to pay by bank transfer, Direct Debit, or by Card.

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